Le Verbo Hommérica
Roberto Matta

  • Roberto Matta
  • 1987
  • L’Inéditeur, Paris and Sistan, Lugano
  • etchings
  • W 67 H 57 cm | W 26,4 H 22,4 in

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Le Verbo Hommérica by Roberto Matta is a folder with 6 signed and numbered etchings on Japon nacré paper

Edition: 100 copies numbered from 1 to 100 + 35 HC numbered I-XXV

L’Inéditeur, Paris and Sistan, Lugano; 1987

Printer: Atelier Duval, Paris 

Printing press: Atelier Mérat, Paris 

This folder was created in two versions. In the first one, the etchings are in a single accordion-folded sheet with a total length of 3 meters: this version was designed by Matta and Albert Dupont. The second version features the same 6 etchings on separate sheets.

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