Don Qui
Roberto Matta

  • Roberto Matta
  • 1985
  • Sistan, Lugano
  • lithographs
  • W 56 H 76 cm | W 22,1 H 29,9 in

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Don Qui by Roberto Matta is a folder with 15 color + 10 black and white lithographs 

Edition: 100 copies 

Sistan, Lugano; 1985

In the text that accompanies the Don Qui lithographs folder, Matta invites us to a reading full of enthusiasm and courage, in which those who venture with Don Quixote can find time for travel and meetings. In the current reality it is increasingly difficult to listen to and to understand each other, Matta is looking for a new “Cervantian word” that allows anyone who acquires it to see beyond their own blindness.

Matta writes: “Don Quixote is a manual for traveling”.

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