L’origine è adesso
Roberto Matta

  • Roberto Matta
  • 1992
  • Bottega Gatti
  • ceramic
  • Ø 34 H 36 cm | Ø 13,4 H 14,2 in

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L’origine è adesso by Roberto Matta is a vase created at Bottega Gatti on the occasion of the exhibition “C’Era Mica Matta” at Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Faenza (IT) in 1992 in a limited edition of 8 pieces.

Roberto Matta tries to get to the origin of things with ceramics, as in sculpture. The material to which it gives shape reflects the idea of a common root for all cultures.

In the ceramic works, playful and fantastic elements, typical of Matta’s art, are transfigured into characters who embrace vases and bowls, animating them with joy and life and into titles that express curiosity, acumen and the desire to give new meaning to language.

Exploding stars, singing flowers, chasing figures tell of the will to grasp the movement inherent in every form.

The predominance of primary colors such as red and blue, linked to white and the neutral tone of terracotta, accentuates the materiality of each piece, giving it something primitive and wonderful, capable of subverting the monotony of everyday life with its charge of pure and unconditional magic.

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