Hom’mère – N’où’s
Roberto Matta

  • Roberto Matta
  • 1985
  • Sistan, Lugano
  • etchings
  • W 51 H 67,5 cm | W 20,1 H 26,6 in

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Hom’mère – N’où’s by Roberto Matta is a folder with 10 etchings on Arches paper + 10 etchings on Japòn paper

Edition: 100 signed and numbered copies from 1 to 100 + XXV H.C. 

Sistan, Lugano; 1985

Roberto Matta created five series of etchings which he named Hom’mère. 

Each folder has a secondary title: 

1. Hom’mère – Chaosmos (1973)

2. Hom’mère – L’autre (1975)

3. Hom’mère – L’ergonaute (1977)

4. Hom’mère – Point d’appui (1983)

5. Hom’mère V – N’où’s (1985)

Classic narrative offers food for thought even on current social problems. Linear vibrations and anthropomorphic characters in a space made of colors and transparencies allow the observer to immerse himself/herself in one and more places at the same time.

Indeed, Hom’mère series reflects Matta’s most advanced theories on the exploration and representation of the fourth dimension, the theory of relativity, the study of movement and spatiality. The etchings also deal with the theme of human identity and the origin of everything. It is no coincidence that the title of the series is a combination of “homme” and “mère”: from French “man” and “mother”.

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