Tea set 75
Augusto Betti

  • Augusto Betti
  • Paradisoterrestre Edition 2023
  • Centro Pio Manzù, 1975
  • enameled pottery
  • pink, mint green, white

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The tea set designed by Italian artist Augusto Betti in 1975 consists of 1 teapot, 1 sugar bowl, 2 cups and 2 saucers. Re-edited by Paradisoterrestre in a limited edition of 100 pieces for each colour, with numbering and signature on the teapot and Certificate of Authenticity. The three available colours – pink, mint green, white – are those originally chosen by the artist. Also available a set consisting of 1 cup and 1 saucer without numbering.

“I consider the cup of this tea set my most successful design object. A hemisphere of clay was taken at two points in the vertical part below the rim and folded horizontally. A simple intervention of the hand, transversal to the development of the hemisphere, gives rise to the “grips” of the cup. We have a perfect example of how the work of the hands integrates with that of the mind in design, suggesting new solutions and how important it is to let go, not intentionally, but through doing. It is essential for the design of ceramics to have “hands in clay”, to learn to move it by understanding the wonderful possibilities it offers. The clay yields to the movement of the hand suggesting forms that go beyond intentionality. Its language cannot be known except through direct experience.” – Augusto Betti

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