Augusto Betti

  • Augusto Betti
  • 1961
  • Wooden box, glass, resin, various materials
  • W 74 H 74 D 11 cm | W 29,1 H 29,1 D 4,3 in

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Senzanome is one of the about fifteen works from the Cassette series created by Augusto Betti between the end of the ’50s and the beginning of the ’60s.

In the 1950s Augusto Betti started to devote himself to artistic experimentation. He named his first abstract artworks “cassette (boxes)”, because they were made from square wooden boxes, about one meter wide and a dozen centimeters deep, closed by transparent material, in which he enjoyed inserting elements that created plays of light and changing movement, according to the point of view.

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