Augusto Betti

  • Augusto Betti
  • 1965
  • Resin
  • Ø 43 H 34,5 cm | ⌀ 16,9 H 13,6 in

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A true pioneer, Italian artist and designer Augusto Betti between the 50s and the 60s began to experiment with the countless possibilities of new synthetic materials. Among his most significant resin sculptures, “Ballerina” (dancer).

In the artist’s own words:
“Rhythm is the space-time that divides an object from its transversal. This sculpture represents the rhythmic scanning of the helical motion, the measure of the rhythm. I found a plaster pyramid, a shape that expresses stillness, I took it and dug it on one side, then on the opposite side. At this point I found that the most lively and balanced arrangement was no longer on the base, but balanced on one side, with the other perpendicular (transversal) to the first. The circular base emphasizes the helical movement.”

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