Rue Férou table lamp
Man Ray

  • Man Ray
  • Paradisoterrestre Edition
  • Sirrah 1972
  • brass-plated metal structure, cardboard canvas light diffuser
  • diffuser in white, black, green, blue
  • Ø 30 H 65 cm | Ø 11,8 H 25,6 in

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“A flash of joy and poetry. The simplest directional lampshade in history meets the objet trouvé. The perfect object was born.”

In the studio located in Rue Férou there were some light bulbs, scattered in the room, holding some cardboards hats, simply directing the light with the minimum. “I have always made everything with nothing” Man Ray says.

Dino Gavina had the idea to use them and Man Ray gave personally the specifications for producing a lamp whose lampshade he made by his hand as sample. The task of developing the design was given to Giulietto Cacciari, who produced the first Rue Férou model with brass-plated metal holder base.

Rue Férou, © Man Ray Trust, by SIAE 2019

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