Festuca Lapis
Tobia Scarpa

  • Tobia Scarpa
  • Unique Piece + AP
  • Carrara marble
  • nr. 2 blocks W 60 D 30 H 60 cm | W 23,6 D 11,8 H 23,6 in

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An artistic project by the Venetian architect who, on the occasion of the exhibition Tobia Scarpa _ Dall’arte della misura silenziosamente (Paradisoterrestre Gallery – Bologna, 2020), creates three limited edition artworks for Paradisoterrestre, starting from an interpretation of Melencolia I, enigmatic masterpiece realized by Albrecht Dürer in 1514.

Tobia Scarpa breaks down the representation, extrapolating two of the key elements present in Dürer’s engraving related to the geometric-mathematical field: the polyhedron and the magic square.

Festuca Lapis, a sculpture in Carrara marble, is the result of Tobia Scarpa’s investigation on the mysterious Dürer’s solid, a suggestion handed down from his father Carlo Scarpa.

The sculpture – a unique piece – is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.


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