Tobia Scarpa – Dall’ arte della misura silenziosamente

  • When:
  • Where:Paradisoterrestre Gallery
    Via de’ Musei, 4
    Bologna (IT)
Exhibition Tobia Scarpa – Dall’arte della misura silenziosamente

For ART CITY Segnala 2020 on the occasion of Arte Fiera, Paradisoterrestre presents an artistic project by Tobia Scarpa at Paradisoterrestre gallery

Tobia ScarpaDall’arte della misura silenziosamente.
An uncritical interpretation of the artwork “Melencolia I” by Albrecht Dürer

Starting from an interpretation of Melencolia I, enigmatic masterpiece by Albrecht Dürer, the Venetian architect creates three limited edition artworks for Paradisoterrestre.

Realized by the German artist in 1514, the engraving has been the protagonist of countless investigations and the subject of a very extensive literature. With its enigmatic elements, it has not only attracted scholars in search of a possible and coherent interpretation, but also obsessed many artists up to the most recent contemporaneity, so that we can speak of a “persistence” of Dürer’s Melencolia I in the collective imagination.

Exhibition views ph. Mattia Tonelli

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