Confession (Sky Isn’t The Limit)
Andy Picci

  • Andy Picci
  • 2023
  • Transparent acrylic frame, video
  • W 14,3 D 2,5 H 20,3 cm | W 5,6 D 1 H 8 in

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Confession (Sky Isn’t The Limit) is part of a series created by conceptual artist Andy Picci starting from some confessions unknown people have shared with him via Instagram’s Direct Messages. From the intimate and secret dimension these become sky messages for everyone to see, generating empathy.

The artwork is a limited edition of 10 signed and numbered pieces + 1AP exclusively for Paradisoterrestre and consists of a transparent frame which loops a 10 seconds video.

Confession (Sky Isn’t The Limit) was presented for the first time in the group show LIMITED. at Paradisoterrestre gallery.